For way to long we as a community have tried to maintain a positive view even though the worlds problems have segregated us. Unless dealt with society will never be a community that shares a common ground, but will be distanced because of the prejudice views that promote narrow mindedness. If we are not willing to help our fellow man and woman than what is the point. Why do we strive to be a better society if we're not willing to help each other out when it counts. Positive attitudes should be mirrored creating a domino effect that shines through each others life with the voice of hope.

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The movie "Pay it forward" made what seemed a big task of improving the world not seem such a grand task. Repaying good deeds not with payback but with good deeds. Make your contribution now. Start a trend and help those who need your hand.

 Lost my perspective strives to be the vocal advocate for those who have lost hope. Lost Perspective hopes for a united world that strives to accept people for who they are and values what they have done. We are people before anything else and we all deserve mutual respect. 

Fighting for each other, not with each other is the only way we should be thinking. Understanding that our differences are what makes us unique, and should be welcomed not ridiculed. Learning from each others differences keeps us down to earth and helps build a better and more accepting society.

Can you help the troubled with a little mind rescue ?


Don't be afraid to communicate with your friends and family about what bothers you. If you don't allow yourself to open up and share your thoughts then you'd be left to face your problems alone. If those you rely on don't want to listen then spend your time with your friends and family who give you time. Your time should not be spent convincing someone that your worth requires some or their time, because a true friend doesn't need convincing.

Find your inner power by helping others

WHAT ARE YOUR long term goals ?


Are you chasing a fortune that will satisfy.

  • Shows intention and commitment
  • Makes the idea more concrete
  • Brings clarity
  • Motivates and builds Confidence
  • More likely to be achieved
  • You can review

write down your goals


Is having a family of your own more than enough to make you feel happy.


Will being famous make your dreams come true.


Strive to be the boss and all the responsibilities that come with that.




Each step you complete is one more step closer to getting you what you want. Each achievement is its own reward that you've only achieved because you chose to persevere. Unless your willing to persist and overcome the obstacles that are in your way, you will never reach your goals. So follow your plan. 

Once you've figured out what makes you happy, then put all your resources into getting you closer to where you actually want to be. Write down your short term goals which will lead you to your end reward. The bigger your dreams are the more patient you have to be, unless you think your dreams aren't worth your time.

One of the hardest things we try to figure out is, what exactly we want to do with our life. Their are so many distractions that make it even harder for anyone to be able to work out what they should do. You are the only person who can answer that, so think hard and make a plan because time doesn't wait for anybody.