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25 Ways to make a difference in the world every day

1. Wake up - Karen Maezen Miller

2. Make a difference in yourself, for the better. - Such an inward difference always has a rippling outward benefit.- Hansoul Kim

3. Remember there are three poisons: greed, anger, and ignorance.- Do not deny their existence but turn them around and you have generosity, compassion and wisdom.- Clifton Bradley

4. Make it a habit to respect everyone.- Margarita Medina

5. Consider the people you see each day.- Sometimes I get wrapped up in things that I'm working on fundraisers etc. But the coworker, family member, pet right next to you are the people you can truly reach and touch.- Amy E. Moore

6. Operate from a place of love.- Erica Gonzalez

7. Be kind to others.- In this busy world people become self consumed and forget that kindness goes a long way.- Ana Stuckart

8. Acknowledge the light within myself and others.- Not always easy to do but feels so powerful when I am able to do so.- Maria Thieme

9. Talk to someone that you think may be in distress.- You may make a difference of a lifetime.- Alexzander De Raadt St. james

10. Simply show up.- Just by putting your soul into it. If you show up physically with the soles of your feet, the heart, mind and soul will have a chance to follow or catch up. You may not want to be there in the beginning , but showing up shows a committed chance at making a difference everyday for the people that you love, the people that you will meet and eventually the person that you will become. Show up.- Holi Grant

11. Smile.- Seret Rafferty

12. Be more involved in the world.- You can't be a spectator forever.- Christina Breeden

13. Be the change you wish to see in the world.- April SpearsparaphrasingGandhi

14. Be gentle and practice sympathetic joy.- Susan Cross

15. Start really listening to people around you.- Your family for example. People crave for attention. People fill loved when given attention.. Give love, and listening is an act of love.- Leoni Erica Tayamen

16. Listen .Give .Do.- Phyllis Fenander

17. Teach your kids by example.- Be caring, open minded and remember to smile.- Paivi Mckittrick

18. Look into your child's eyes.- Stop what you are doing, Sit down and just look into them. Do that every day and you will change the world.- Noel Cocca

19. Be a true you...positive energy attracts.- Jane George

20. Love.- Stephen Kreins

21. I quote the great Horatio Lee Jenkins: " Don't worry everything is going to be awesome!"- Carl Dangers

22. Find someone that needs a smile and give them that smile.-once a day and for the rest of your life, and like a ripple affect in a pond it will be carried onwards.- SoulLife searcher

23. Speak without saying a word.- A lot can be said without words.- Ralph Rocker

24. Learn to be aware of all the wonder we have around us.- Let the past be in the past and not part of the future. Choose life everyday, be grateful for whatever you have, and most important share, share, share - spread as much love as you can- Lula Insfran

25. Hakuna mattata, one love, pay it forward.- Kerin Colby